''I bring order, efficiency, beauty and calm to your personal or professional space.
I have respect for what people have and for their way of living, through all the organizing process, step by step from design to hands-on implementation.''

Clearing the cluttered space is the first essential step toward rediscovering the spirit both of the place and of cherished personal items.
In this case, choosing a very light, unusual color palette helped enhance a contemporary art collection and create an overall visual harmony. (Drawings by Robert Lansden)
Hidden among the contents of this formerly cluttered apartment were a light fixture and a deck coffee table from the Sixties, and a couple of original Charles and Ray Eames chairs (designed in 1948, it was the first chair to be mass-produced). I adapted the light fixture to contemporary safety requirements, and I restored the the surface of the table. I replaced the missing tiles with micro-glass tiles of my own design. The chairs required no work at all, except to be recognized and set off.
Mixing antique and new vases, an artistic glass garden shines in the window light while waiting for the perfect bouquet.
Great-Grandma would be surprised to see how a mismatch of her china revives a forgotten corner.

Pauline Galiana's Design Services convey a singular, sophisticated point of view, whether it is in organizing spaces, creating objects or through graphic design. With artistic skill and rare talent for appreciating beauty, Galiana balances playfulness and discipline with great attention to details, which results in unique design solutions tailored to the client's needs. Her solutions can be found in the tight spaces of the urban setting, in the disparate materials of her high-spirited jewelry and objet d'art design, and in the controlled precision with which she is communicating a visual identity through graphic design.