''I bring order, efficiency, beauty and calm to your personal or professional space.
I have respect for what people have and for their way of living, through all the organizing process, step by step from design to hands-on implementation.''

Psychotherapy Office, Central Park West, New York, 2012
Restoring visual calm and structuring the space in separate specialized work spots (the sofa/analysis; the small children drawing and play table; the administrative desk) were the main challenges of this once upon a time charming and very small office situated in a prestigious, pre-war building on Central Park West.
The space had to be redone for toe to head: replace the carpet, scrap and repaint the walls. I refurnished it in a warm, cozy but professional look. I mixed antique pieces like an 100 year old turkish rug, a 60's maple wood coffee table, two Indian original miniatures, with contemporary and functional furniture which helps to gently erase the passage of other patients. I switched around the "patient corner" and the "therapist corner" to reinforce the comfort and privacy creating a safer buffer zone. Added curtains, rugs, art on the walls, decorative vases, plants and, many pillows for the confort of the adult as well as the for the children to play with became spatial treats for the eyes and, very importantly too, for the ears too: the office is situated next to a subway ground open grid generating regular waves of noise. I chose a many sources of diffuse and warm lighting versus a ceiling dazzle.




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Pauline Galiana's Design Services convey a singular, sophisticated point of view, whether it is in organizing spaces, creating objects or through graphic design. With artistic skill and rare talent for appreciating beauty, Galiana balances playfulness and discipline with great attention to details, which results in unique design solutions tailored to the client's needs. Her solutions can be found in the tight spaces of the urban setting, in the disparate materials of her high-spirited jewelry and objet d'art design, and in the controlled precision with which she is communicating a visual identity through graphic design.