Take a bite out of the world!

Arte Snack presents this series of 6 fruit sticker design t-shirts inspired by the incredible variety of labels on fruit and vegetables.
More products on the way. Bibs, onesies and hooded bath towels. To issue these items we are working to create eco-friendly products in partnership with sustainable communities producing organic cotton in Turkey. Our Kids are the fruit of the world. Stick with us, grow your own garden !
Arte Snack was created in New York City by Pauline Galiana, a French artist and designer, joined by Charlotte Parker at the keyboard and Danièle Favre-Panayotatos as stage manager.
10% of our profit will be donated to Food Bank New York. For every $1 donated, Food Bank provides 5 meals for people in need. One in five children in New York City relies on emergency food.
Staring Tila, Wiley and Steven

Price and order info to come shortly

Price and order info to come shortly

Price and order info to come shortly

Price and order info to come shortly

Price and order info to come shortly

Pauline Galiana's Design Services convey a singular, sophisticated point of view, whether it is in organizing spaces, creating objects or through graphic design. With artistic skill and rare talent for appreciating beauty, Galiana balances playfulness and discipline with great attention to details, which results in unique design solutions tailored to the client's needs. Her solutions can be found in the tight spaces of the urban setting, in the disparate materials of her high-spirited jewelry and objet d'art design, and in the controlled precision with which she is communicating a visual identity through graphic design.