Press: French Distric May 2014

"Pauline and her staff are a must have for anyone who is even contemplating moving. My husband and I have used her for at least 3 jobs so far and keep coming up with reasons to bring them back. I won’t even organize my tupperware without her input! It is not just organization, it is stress relief, and now friendship. They take the time to get to know their clients and how best to serve their needs. And somehow, like magic, everything has a place." Ariana Stecker, SVP Save the Date®. 2014

"Pauline Galiana is an accomplished artist. She puts her incredible artistic eyes and skills at the service of home improvement services. She can organize your space in an efficient and useful manner to you. She has your best interest and usage at heart. Hiring Pauline is the solution to your home improvement. She will have ideas that nobody can find. Discrete, polite and educated Pauline is the perfect professional you can find in New York City." Sophie K.P. 2014